Witte Weekblad
7 februari 2007

Municipality cuts down sick chestnuts.
the municipality will cut down approximately four hundred sick chestnut trees this year. The wild chestnuts suffer in the Netherlands. Since 2005 damage have been confessed, but no remedy against the chestnut sickness has been found approximately which damaged ninety per cent of the chestnut trees in Alphen aan den Rijn.

The trees weaken and die within some years. Nothing can be done, except watch how the sickness develops and prevent that dangerous situations occur. For example prevention that branches or trees fall. Because approximately seventy percent of the chestnut trees has high values for the municipality and there for is protected, soon a procedure for obtaining a license tot cut those trees starts.

Care for trees
The last years unexplainable tree damage have been observed, which can be seen at many places at chestnut trees, but also almost by all other trees. The municipality is very worried. Unless that the unknown damage at this moment doesn’t kill trees at this moment many tree damage occurs such as bark burst and bark bulbs. The damaged trees stand in districts, in private areas and in public parks and along the roads.

Cause: unknown
The university of Wageningen has found no cause for the other tree damage . The municipality Alphen aan den Rijn want continue with other municipalities the study into these phenomena.

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