Reformatorisch Dagblad
3 February 2007

Alphen cut down almost a thousand sick chestnut trees

ALPHEN A/D RIJN –The municipality the coming years will cut down almost thousand trees. Of all chestnut trees in the municipality 90 per cent have been damaged by the Horse Chestnut Bleeding Disease. That has become clear from recent research.
This year 393 sick trees will be cut down. Hereby 73 monumental chestnuts will be cut down. Between 2008 and 2012 once more 601 will be cut down. Cut down and plant new trees will cost 1.2 million euro. The sickness damages old and new trees.
Old and young trees stand bleed. The trees will die and slimming branches produce dangerous situations. The municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn is worried. It seems that the sickness has been skipped on other trees also. Trees show phenomena, such as bark bulbs at their bark. The municipality still have found no cause.

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